Residential Radon Mitigation – Knoxville, Tennessee

Residential Radon Mitigation in Knoxville, Tennessee

Although many cities and towns are at risk of radon contamination, residential properties in Knoxville, Tennessee may have an even greater chance of needing residential radon mitigation services in order to remove all traces of this noxious gas. Nonetheless, there’s no immediate need to panic because a reputable radon mitigation company can implement strategies to eliminate the presence of this harmful gas, while also preventing it from recurring. Our company employs residential radon mitigation professionals who are well experienced in handling the equipment needed to deal with this radioactive gas. We can offer homeowners in Knoxville, Tennessee the guidance they seek when dealing with this type of potentially deadly contamination.

How Radon Silently Enter Homes in Knoxville, Tennessee

Residential Radon Mitigation KnoxvilleRadon is an invisible intruder that enters your Knoxville, Tennessee home silently without your knowledge. It does so with no visible signs or odors. You cannot taste it when it enters through your water supply, nor can you smell it when it enters through the home’s foundation into your air. Unfortunately, radon can lead to lung cancer, so its presence is placing your family at risk every day. Where does this harmful and potentially deadly contaminant come from and how does it get into your home?

Radon comes from the breakdown or uranium, which is found beneath the earth’s surface. As this radioactive gas builds up, it searches for a way to escape. It follows the path of cracks and crevices in the earth until it finds a way out either into the atmosphere or through the foundation of a building. It can also enter a home through its water supply if the radon has contaminated it. If high levels of radon are present in your Knoxville, Tennessee home, you expose yourself to it every day. If this radioactive gas has infiltrated your water supply, then you are exposed to it each time you take a bath, do the laundry, or use water in any way.

The most direct way to determine whether or not your residential property has been infiltrated by radon is to hire residential radon mitigation specialists working in the Knoxville, Tennessee area to have proper testing carried out. If the levels of your radon contamination are discovered to exceed the accepted range for safe levels, then you should move on to step two and hire a residential radon mitigation company, such as ours, to remove the existing radon and to minimize or eliminate any subsequent entry of this harmful radioactive gas.

It’s vitally important to remove this known carcinogen from your property as soon as possible once you discover that it exists. Our company is fully prepared to implement necessary radon mitigation strategies and restore the safety of your home in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our professionals explain the procedure so that you have a full understanding of the residential radon mitigation process.