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Tuesday, December 4, 2012 @ 03:12 PM
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Knoxville, TN Lung Cancer Concerns

Lung Cancer Preventable with Radon Gas MitigationLiving in Tennessee, we always hear about the concerns of smoking, and just how bad it is for our health. Imagine that you had never once smoked a cigarette in your life, yet you were still diagnosed with lung cancer. How would you react? What would you tell your family? What would you think may have caused the lung cancer?

Despite its fantasy, and somewhat unlikely thought for many, this is the actual reality for thousands each year. Did you know that 16% of all lung cancer cases are caused by radon gas? The people who are diagnosed with lung cancer because of radon gas have not smoked a single cigarette in their entire life, yet are still subjected to the same health risks.

Why is Radon Gas so Dangerous in Knoxville

Roughly one out of every fifteen homes experience unhealthy levels of radon gas. This means that one out of fifteen homes are in need of a radon gas mitigation system in order to reduce the levels within the home. Many Knoxville, TN homes are at risk, and without testing, may never know for sure whether or not they are truly in danger.

By the numbers, radon is more dangerous than drunk driving, killing in excess of 20,000 each and every year. Over one out of every seven people you meet who have lung cancer will have never smoked a cigarette, and rather been diagnosed with lung cancer due to radon gas. This is a scary reality that more and more Americans are facing.

In Knoxville, TN, radon gas forms from uranium in your soil. As the uranium breaks down, it turns into a radioactive gas known as radon. This gas may easily enter your water supply, or make its way through your foundation or basement, and into your home. Because of the pressure below the ground, your Knoxville home actually sucks up the radon gas.

Radon Gas Mitigation a Necessity in Knoxville, TN

The gas is both odorless and colorless, so the only way to determine whether or not action is required is through testing. Even those who test and have negative results often have a professional install a radon gas mitigation system just to be on the safe side. If installed properly, a radon gas mitigation system may reduce levels by as much as 99%.

When you contact a professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental, you know you are contacting the best of the best when it comes to radon gas mitigation. Specializing in radon gas mitigation for over twenty years, and local to the Knoxville area, you know you are receiving the best possible treatment for your home. We specialize in making your radon gas mitigation system as least visible as possible, so you will hardly even notice it is there. With all the certifications necessary, we are the brand the nation has come to know and trust to provide excellent radon gas mitigation.