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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 08:10 PM
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Knoxville Air Quality

Tennessee Indoor Air QualityKnoxville, TN is known for its mountains and southern hospitality. Unfortunately, know Knoxville is getting recognition for poor air quality. Air quality is becoming more and more of an issue throughout the Tennessee area as the EPA further discovers the health risks and pollutants causing serious damage to citizens.

October is air quality awareness month, meaning during this month Knoxville residents should learn about dangers of poor air quality, and take action to protect their humble abodes from this danger. It is important to realize that there are both indoor and outdoor dangers to you as far as air quality goes, but taking as much action, and learning the most you can is the best way to protect yourself and loved ones from these dangers.

Air Quality Health Risks in Knoxville

Every single year over three million people die from poor air quality. While many of these deaths are labeled as outdoor or indoor air quality respectively, it is important to realize that both go somewhat hand in hand. Letting polluted air into your home, and not properly venting it out with a purification system can lead to the same health effects or greater(as we often spend more time in our homes) as those of outdoor air quality.

Outdoor air quality may come from a variety of sources, but for Knoxville, Tennessee, the EPA has decided to monitor carbon monoxide, ground level ozone, particle pollution, and sulfur dioxide levels. These four pollutants are summarized in a level known as the air quality index. This index gives a rating between 0 and 500. Any level above 50 is considered dangerous for residents of Knoxville. Although you may think that America has safe levels, you may be shocked to find out that areas of the United States currently have above levels of 50.

Another threat to Knoxville is radon gas. Radon gas may enter your Knoxville home through the soil. Entering in a variety of other ways as well, radon gas has been proven to cause lung cancer, and eventually death. Attacking roughly one out of every fifteen homes, protection is necessary. Protection for your Knoxville home may be easier than you think with the help of S.W.A.T. Environmental.

Taking Action Against Poor Air Quality in Knoxville

As this is air quality awareness month, we are encouraging everyone to do the right thing and take action this month. We always offer a free quote on all of our services, so you have nothing to lose and only your health to gain. Imagine breathing clean air by the end of this month, because you took the step to contact S.W.A.T. Environmental and have a certified, experienced professional come to your Knoxville home and properly install an air purification or radon mitigation system. Do not delay your health any longer, and take the necessary action to protect your Knoxville home from poor air quality.