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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 @ 05:01 PM
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Is Your Knoxville, Tennessee Home Safe From Radon? It’s Radon Action Month

Radon Action Month KnoxvilleAs a homeowner in the Knoxville area, you are probably aware of the many dangers your home faces, from fires and floods to damage from severe storms. But your Knoxville area home also faces danger from something you cannot even see. That invisible threat is radon gas, and it is such a serious problem that the Environmental Protection Agency has declared January to be National Radon Action Month.

You can take advantage of that designation by getting your Knoxville area home tested for radon. Until you have your home tested for radon contamination, you can never really know whether or not your family is at risk. That is because radon gas is undetectable to the naked eye, and it can get into your Knoxville area home through even the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Whether your Knoxville area home was built last year or a century ago, you could be at risk from radon exposure.

Radon is Linked to Lung Cancer

Exposure to radon is a serious matter, and it is important for all Knoxville area residents to know where they stand. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among people who do not smoke, and the number two cause among smokers. Even if no one in your family smokes cigarettes, you could be at risk simply by living in your Knoxville area home.

The first step is to get your Knoxville area home tested, and the newly designated National Radon Action Month is the perfect time to take that initial step. If you find that your home does not have high levels of radon, you can rest easy knowing that your family and those you care about are protected.

If the results of testing on your Knoxville area home finds high levels of radon, you can alleviate the danger by contacting a radon mitigator licensed to do business in the Knoxville area. When hiring a radon mitigation company it is important to look for one with the experience and expertise needed to do the job right the first time. That is because substandard radon mitigation could introduce even more danger into your home. Choosing the right company is absolutely essential when it comes to radon.

Radon Action Month – January is the Best Time to Test Your Home For Radon

As the largest radon mitigator in the country, SWAT is ready to help all Knoxville area homeowners get rid of their radon problems once and for all. SWAT has a truly national footprint, with a larger network of certified technicians than any of our competitors. That means we can provide all Knoxville area homeowners with the experienced technicians they need to fix the problem and ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

If you have been putting off getting your Knoxville area home tested because of the cost, January is the perfect time to act. As part of National Radon Action Month, SWAT will be offering Knoxville area homeowners a number of special discounts and programs. Just contact SWAT today to schedule an appointment for National Radon Action Month.